Amol Ashok Sahasrabudhe

Amol Ashok Sahasrabudhe is an investment risk management and portfolio construction specialist with several years of experience building asset management products in the multi-portfolio and multi-strategy space. His expertise ranges across asset classes, covering equities, macro, credit, and quantitative strategies. He co-founded the AB Arya Partners fund at AllianceBernstein and served as the SBU’s Chief Risk Officer. Sahasrabudhe brings to this role more than 22 years of experience in building financial portfolios, developing investment products, and maintaining strong relationships with investors in foundations, pensions, and private wealth management. Sahasrabudhe has also been deeply involved in manager selection, allocation, and technology development for asset management and operations management.

Amol Sahasrabudhe Career History

Amol holds multiple degrees and high-level certificates, and he combines them with real-world experience and high-level investment acumen.

When Sahasrabudhe came to AB, he focused primarily on the AB Arya Partners Group as Chief Risk Officer. He planned multi-year risk strategies for Arya Partners and other strategies within Arya and built technology to measure performance. Sahasrabudhe reduced the firm’s internal and external risk by establishing recruitment protocols, defining strategy mandates for investments, and developing talent.

Sahasrabudhe guided Arya in developing complex strategies to maximize returns and reduce exposures. He developed frameworks to gauge qualitative and quantitative inputs and finalize optimal investment recommendations.

Before AB, Sahasrabudhe served in this same capacity at Visium Asset Management, where he helped grow equity funds into billions of dollars. At Visium, Sahasrabudhe also developed investment strategies, helped build risk management protocols into portfolios and established internal processes to streamline and improve operations. His additional responsibilities involved guiding investments to alpha and developing analytical strategies to measure alpha decay.

Sahasrabudhe also managed portfolio construction and risk at Goldman Sachs, Sandell Asset Management, Caxton Associates, and Hapoalim Securities USA.

Professional Skills and Experience

Amol Sahasrabudhe has focused on managing risks at multiple high-level investment firms. To do this, he has developed strategies, worked with technology and analytics, and counseled portfolio managers around the world on reaching alpha for investment portfolios.

Experience garnered over the course of Sahasrabudhe’s career includes:

  • Constructing complex portfolios
  • Establishing volatility frameworks and gross exposure bands
  • Performing in-depth analyses
  • Modernizing data management systems
  • Maintaining relations with investors and portfolio managers through due diligence, business development skills, and marketing techniques

Sahasrabudhe has experience with multiple types of specialized programs and technology, including:

  • Systems: Algorithmics; RiskMetrics; Bloomberg; Imagine; Deltix; Murex; Axioma; FinCAD; and Barra
  • Software development: Matlab; Perl; Unix Shell; C#; SQL; and Excel/VBA

Sahasrabudhe is also proficient in Advent Geneva, Morgan Fund Services, MIK Fund Solutions, EZE Castle/ConvergEx, Paladyne, and Novus.

Professional Development

Sahasrabudhe is certified as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and as an Energy Risk Professional (ERP) through the Global Association of Risk Professionals, or GARP. This certified specialty focuses on understanding and interpreting market, credit, operational, and liquidity risk in investment management across asset classes. The energy risk certification dives deeper into risk management for the energy industry.

Through the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association, Sahasrabudhe is designated as a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, or CAIA, with in-depth skills in assessing alternative types of investments such as private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds.

Sahasrabudhe holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from the CFA Institute and a Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF).

Academic History

Amol Ashok Sahasrabudhe holds a BE in mechanical engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao University in India. Sahasrabudhe earned a Master of Science in computer science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and holds a Master of Business Administration in finance from New York University. (Stern School of Business).


Sahasrabudhe has supported multiple organizations.

Women’s Education Project

This program educates and prepares young women on the margins of Indian society to develop careers and participate in society as agents of change, business owners, and valuable employees. In this program’s Leadership Academies, women form a sisterhood wherein they are empowered to move beyond social expectations and pressures to build a life they shape.

Pratham USA

Pratham was founded in 1994 to address the cycle of unrelenting poverty in the poorest of Mumbai’s neighborhoods. This program began with the founding of preschools that offered remedial curriculums for struggling students in primary schools. Pratham developed the Annual Status of Education Report, which has become a tool for education programs and citizens alike to campaign for education reform.

Akshaya Patra Foundation

The Bengaluru-based Akshaya Patra Foundation seeks to eliminate hunger in multiple populations in India. They offer a mid-day meal program to nourish children in classrooms. This nonprofit’s program for mid-day meals has grown to feed more than 2 million children throughout India. This organization also has programs that serve breakfast and offer meals to new and expecting mothers, children, and homeless women without families.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Amol Sahasrabudhe has multiple interests outside the investment world. He is involved in cricket both as a player and team organizer. Sahasrabudhe is involved with Masters USA, a U.S. team that participates in high-level over-50 cricket tournaments, including the Cricket World Cup. Sahasrabudhe is forming a New Jersey team to compete in Over-50 Masters regional tournaments. Sahasrabudhe is also a fan of tennis, and his son plays the game. Sahasrabudhe sings as well. His taste leans toward Bollywood songs.

Amol Ashok Sahasrabudhe


Amol Ashok Sahasrabudhe